I had to make another card a few days ago and decided to go all black and white. So I ran my very simple white card through some texture folders and cut out some gray accents with this very nice Marianne Design sign holder that I picked up in a very well-stocked scrapbooking shop in sweden (http://www.pyssloteket.se)

Marianne Design sign holder and lantern.

In the end I lined everything with black and white washi-tape with printed lace. Washi tape is really catching on in the art-shops in tel aviv, even though nobody seems to be interested in scrapbooking here, so I guess they use it for a lot of other things and it really is very pretty. Just look at it!

Washi tape


In the end everything just felt a bit too black and white so I decided to use washi (actually it’s chiyogami) paper as a (very) colorful accent. I took a piece of medium weight cardstock (in a horrible color that I didn’t like) and started gluing scraps of washi paper over it. The wonderful thing about washi paper is that it behaves like a mix of paper and cloth so it’s very easy to glue the pieces over each other, but make it look seamless.

In the end I had glued washi paper over the whole cardstock and I used the Tim Holtz on the edge die with cog wheels to make a very colorful accent. I paid more attention to the colors than the shape. It looked almost like something out of my russian fairy tale books with the Ivan Bilibin illustrations that I loved reading when I was a kid.