It may be because English is not my native language, but ‘upcycling’ didn’t mean a thing to me when I read it the first time. It appears however that I’ve been doing it for years.

Upcycling is to take something of little value and turn it into something pretty which is not in the scope of its previous use. Tim Holtz made a nice tutorial of packaging upcycling:

Regarding the little yellow sticker from my last post, I’ve moved along in this project and am almost finished! I’m very excited about it and I had an opportunity to use the texture fades with some plastic, which is something I didn’t even know was possible until I saw the upcycling tutorial.

Sometimes these projects reveal some self insight too, and it’s not always positive. The project turned out a little darker than I had expected and made me see a truth about myself that I didn’t care much for: I am gullible.