Tim Holtz’ “tiny tabs and tag” die has a really cute little tag that I’ve used to make a Halloween magnet.


I’ve cut out the tag from chipboard and embellished it. The backside is not embellished.


I found a small magnet at home that fit perfectly into that hole at the top. The thing is: how do I get it to stay there without making the tag ugly?



To solve this issue I’m going to use a nice pearl brad and fold out it’s legs like so:



Then I will insert the brad into the card.


Now put the magnet into the hole, it will require a bit of force but the chipboard should be able to handle that.


And then fold out the legs over the board. This prevents the magnet from sliding out the front of the card.






In order to make the magnet stay in the card we’re going to put a cover on the back of the tag.

I do not want to have a hole on my back cover, so I’ve die cut the tag on a piece of scrap paper (the blue one), then used the scrap paper to trace the size of the tag onto the paper that I intend to use as the back cover.



After cutting it out I’ve glued it onto the back of the tag.


This ensures that the magnet is locked between the brad and the back cover paper. Now you can put it on the fridge.