There are three containers for scrapping items in my art-room:

  1. Stamps, inks and pens
  2. Dies and embossing folders
  3. Embellishments

Containers 1 and 3 were getting very full and too messy to have a good overview of the contents. Being able to browse through and touch my items is very important to me because if I don’t see it, I won’t use it… so I decided it was time to re-organize the storage a bit.

The stamps, inks and pens container contains all the wooden stamps, all the pens and my inks and mists. The pens were all stored in a tin box inside the container, the inks were stored in a paper box and the mists were stored in a plastic box. This resulted in quite some logic puzzles every time I needed to take anything out of the container and it was really hard to find the pen I wanted inside the tin box.

The embellishments container had all my embellies, but it was really full and very hard to find anything in there. This problem was actually the simplest one to solve: I bought two expanding folders and shoved most of the embellies (which tend to be sort of flat anyway) into it, marked the tabs on the expanding folders – and voila!- orderly and easy to overview. The embellishments which were too three-dimensional to fit into the expanding folder were put into the old ink-box which I had emptied out.

So what about the inks: well I stuffed those into the former embellishments-container. There was significantly more space for them there and they seem happier.

The pens are a problem because I prefer to store them horizontally. Still, buying two smaller see through pen-boxes is more efficient than using that old polish chocolate tin box, and since the inks and mists aren’t in the stamps container any more there are far less things to move around in there every time I need to take anything out. So all in all: I think it’s been an efficient evening.