One day I'll fly away

Sometimes I just feel so locked into my job, life, etc. It’s nice to put it on paper.


  1. The background paper:
    I cut a simple rectangle of Jodie Lee’s “nature garden” paper.
    There’s a chain of rather fetching lanterns printed on the paper and I wanted to make sure that whatever ink I’d smear on the paper wouldn’t affect the lanterns, so I painted them with a transparent embossing pen and poured clear embossing powder on them. While heating the embossing powder melted to provide a glossy coating for the lanterns, thus protecting them.
    Next I applied distress inks on the paper. I used a sponge with some “weathered wood” to add some blue hues around the lanterns, a few places were swiped with “tattered rose” color and last I sponged some “brushed corduroy” around the edges of the card.
  2. Curtains
    The curtains were cut out from semi-transparent paper, and I made them a little bit longer than the card itself. I put the curtain upside-down on my work table and put a large acrylic stamping block over it. Then I placed all the butterflies on the stamping block, keeping in mind that I wanted them to look their best on the curtain. The ‘stamp’ was inked in “chipped sapphire” and then I sprinkled the print with a pearlesent blue embossing powder. Once it had been heat-set I took my weathered wood ink and smeared it around on the curtain a bit.
    The backside curtain was inked with “tattered rose” ink.
  3. Birds and branch
    The birds we cut out of really thick black paper, using a movers and shapers die. Then I painted them with some metallic green color and put an eye on each. The black line on the beak is only visible because I drew a shallow line on it with a scalpel.
    The branch consists of 2 layers. The first layer is the same paper as the birds, the second layer is a wrapping leaf for a cigar that I wetted and flattened. In retrospect I’d say it would have been better had I glued the veneer on the paper before cutting it, now the wood broke a bit because of the pressure of the die cut machine.
  4. The cage
    The cage came from the same movers and shapers set as the birds and is cut out of the same thick black paper. It consist of 2 layers of paper, 1 under the bird and one over it. I left the under-cage as it was but the top cage was painted in old gold metallic colour and then sprinkled with copper embossing powder. I then painted it with rock-candy crackle paint and filled in the cracks with a bit of picket fence distress stain which I quickly rubbed over it.
  5. Vase and flowers
    I cut out the vase with scissors from the same black paper as the birds. Then I painted it with picket fence stain, put on the silvery ribbon sticker and put a heavy coat of rock candy crackle paint over it. It made the white colour change appearance from white to splotchy and I rather liked the effect.
    For the flowers I used a hero arts stamp and die cut. I first sprayed the paper with glimmer mists and then dried it. Then I stamped the paper in black and cut out the stamp.
  6. Houses
    Houses were an on the edge tim holtz die cut. I cut them out of blue paper, but carefully rubbed some tattered rose and weathered wood distress inks on them. Then I poured some white embossing powder over the roof and heat-set it.
  7. Window Frame
    I sliced printed paper tape into thinner slices and stuck it on the card. Then I took a reddish brown marker and outlined the tape.
  8. Letters:
    Letters: The letters were cut out of brown paper using Quickutz’s Splendid alphabet. I brushed some green ink on the bottom of the letters and left white stains on the top which I then brushed towards the green on the bottom. I like it when they blend gradiently. Then I outlined the letters using a glitter pen.
  9. Thought bubble: The thoughtbubble was cut out of the same paper as the houses, but I sponged some stormy sky ink on the edges and then added the text and the outline with a Sakura glitter pen.
  10. Putting it all together
    a) put in the chain of houses
    b) add the tape to outline the window
    c) glue in the bird and the branch, paint around the bird and branch with white stain
    d) make holes for sewing in the curtain and then sew it, but don’t cut off the leftover thread at the backside of the card.
    e) in order to not make the curtains flap around everywhere I carfully added some glue on the backside of the stamped area. Because the papers were semi-transparent the glue would have shown if there was nothing to cover it.
    f) Add the FREEDOM text
    g) using leftover thread at the back of the card, hang the birdcage (and secure it with glue at the back of course)
    h) glue the flowers to the back of the vase so they look good together, then glue the vase and flowers on the card.
    i) glue the thought bubble to the card.