I’ve recently begun to work with clay.

My teacher is a wonderful guide in this strange world of mud and colours that aren’t what they seem to be. Here’s her homepage: www.dafna-orya.com and if you click on the עבודות שונות header you can see her amazing art.

The process that each of my sculptures have gone through so far was:

  1. Shape the clay into a figure
  2. Let it dry for a couple of days
  3. If needed, lightly sandpaper the dry clay
  4. First burn
  5. Coat it with color or glazing
  6. Second burn

Point 3 can cause the clay item to break, point 4 can cause it to explode and at point 5 the color doesn’t at all look like what you intended and after point 6 you may or may not have what you were after when you started at point 1. This adds a large element of surprise to my sculptures, but I think it’s fun.

The dark grey dragon is the clay after I’ve just finished working with it, the white dragon is after drying and sandpaper but before first visit to the oven. The brown and yellow dragon is after the colour has been applied (in 5 layers) and it’s waiting to dry and go back into the oven.